HTC Advantage X7510 Patch драйвер скачать бесплатно (ver. 1.­0)

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Patch (ver. 1.­0) NONE SELF-EXTRACTING выпущен 2009.07.31.

Файл скачан 14 раз и просмотрен 3189 раз.

Категория КПК (PDA)
Бренд HTC
Устройство Advantage X7510
Операционные системы Windows Mobile 6.1
Версия 1.­0
Размер файла 179 Kb
Выпущен 2009.07.31
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Patch for HTC Advantage X7510 This hotfix enhances the security mechanisms of the Bluetooth service to make the Bluetooth communication more secure.­ Note: This hotfix can only be applied on Touch Diamond/­ Diamond (P3702)/­ Touch Pro/­ Touch HD/­ Touch 3G/­ Touch Cruise/­ Touch Viva/­ Touch Dual/­ Touch Cruise (09)/­ Touch/­ TyTN II/­ Advantage X7501/­Advantage X7510/­ P6500/­ P3300/­ P3400/­ P4000/­ P4350/­ P3470/­ P6300/­ S620/­ S630/­ S640/­ S710/­ S730/­ S740 which has the FTP service preinstalled.­ Before installing,­ please first check to see if the FTP service is on your phone by tappingSettings > Communications > Settings > Bluetooth and verifying there is tab named FTP.­ If there is a pop-up message saying “This hotfix is not compatible with your device,­” it means the device has applied the fix already or device doesn’t have the BT FTP service and the phone does not need to install it.­

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